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                Oriental Concept and Western Design
                We dedicate to integrate distinctive styles into jewelry designs to create elegant and chic fine jewellery. A series of diamond jewelry merging Oriental concepts with Western designs, highlights the beauty of feminine elegance as well as with time flavor.
                Meticulous Creation, Meticulous, Rare
                All diamonds have been strictly sorted by DGA holders in order to comply with our pursuit of the color, clarity and cutting of diamonds. Some of the high-quality pearl jewelry used South Sea pearls and Tahitian Peacock Green Black Pearl, regardless of appearance, size, color, luster and smoothness, all our pearls are high quality, we strive to carve magnificent pearl jewelry.
                Craftsmanship, Convergence of Talent
                The core business of Pak Wui Jewellery is manufacture and sale of fine jewellery products, including mounting jewellery with platinum and gold, bringing together many professional and experienced jewellery craftsmen, even we provide fine jewellery custom-made service for our customers. Based on “customers come first”, we dedicate to craft each piece of jewelry treasures.